The gel pack: The weakest link in every cold chain system

With demand for mail order food and pharmaceuticals on the rise, effective cold chain system management is more vital than ever. Phase change material (PCM) gel packs are one of the best solutions for keeping thermo-sensitive food, vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals temperature-regulated during transport. But buyers beware, not all gel packs are created equal.


Why Do Gel Packs Fail?

Traditionally, gel pack failures happen as a result of poor materials and shoddy construction. Gel pack manufacturers have also been known to cut corners in the conditioning process (a quality assurance protocol used to ensure thermal all performance requirements are met). Historically, the aforementioned efforts aimed to reduce shipping costs - with catastrophic results. In 2012, the industry was thrust onto the international stage when a plethora of products – from thermal food carriers and expandable lunch boxes to more than 880,000 Cryofreeze gel packs – were recalled in droves. Substandard seals leaking toxic gel posed a danger to public safety.


A Better Choice in Gel Packs

In an effort to elevate quality standards across the industry, MesaLabs has developed a superior gel pack for use in temperature-controlled shipping and storage. We start with a uniquely formulated non-toxic material designed to match the temperature of products in hot or cold environments. The gel is then enclosed in packaging so durable that it can be cleaned and reused. Finally, we put our gel packs to the test with a rigorous gel conditioning process tailored to client shipping protocols. Our experts analyze temperature data collected during conditioning and provide clients with an official validation report. 


As a result of this innovative approach, our gel packs are synonymous with quality, safety, and sustainability. Produced in-house at a competitive cost, they come complete with all official safety documentation necessary for food and pharmaceutical transport. Clients can even place orders for custom branding.


Strengthening The Weakest Link

Ultimately, normal transport logistics, delays, packaging failure, or environmental temperature fluctuations can cause low quality gel packs to fail or underperform. With that in mind, MesaLabs’ gel packs are built to withstand the worst. After all, there’s a lot that can go wrong in a cold chain system. We believe PCM refrigerants should be a reliable constant – not another variable – in the delicate equation that is cold chain distribution.

Do you have a question about PCM gel packs, blankets, hard bottle gels? We’re here to provide all your packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our quality PCM products.

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