Telemarketing script | Blythe Associates LLC

CALLER: Hi, this is <your name> from <company name>.  We’re just updating your listing with us, and I wanted to confirm that your business address is still the same. Are you still at <address listed>?

  • No, we’re not / Yes, we are.

CALLER:  Great. I also have a website listed for you here – is <site listed> still your company website? / I don’t seem to have a company website down here for you. Would you like me to add one at this time?

  • Yes, that’s it. / No, our website is / No, we don’t have a website.

CALLER: Okay, I’ve got that updated for you now. Would you like me to add a company description any hours of operation, etc, for your company at this time?

  • Yes, hours are M-F 8a-5p, we specialize in <industry> since 1905/ No that’s fine, thanks. / You’ll need to speak with my manager…

CALLER: Great, I’ve got that updated.  Do you mind if I ask for your name?  Thanks so much for your time, <name given>, have a great day! / Ok, I’d be happy to speak with them.


If forwarded to a manager: Hi, I’m <your name> calling from <company name>  to make sure the info in your listing with us is up to date.  I already confirmed your address and website with your associate.  Would you like me to add a short description or some hours of operation for you at this time as well?  We do this as a courtesy - it’s free of charge.

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