AgingStrong Fitness services descriptions

Consultation & Metabolic Assessment

Meet with Tom for a 1-hour consultation and assessment to discuss  your activity level, current workout routine, and fitness goals.  Additionally, Tom will help you identify your optimal heart rate zones, daily caloric intake, and assist with other key factors for success, such as a V02 assessment, weigh-in, measurements, and simple exercises to determine your current fitness level. Receive a helpful Self-Survey to complete at your convenience, and Tom will create a fitness program tailored to your needs.


In-Home Fitness & Strength Training

Train with Tom where you are most comfortable. Whether at your local gym or in your own living room, Tom will ensure you have the right equipment for your unique fitness program. Each one-hour session includes a full body warm-up, cardiovascular training, strength training, cool-down, and balance work. Programs are tailored to your individual goals, and include regular check-ins.


Over 40? Tom specializes in strength training for mature adults. Build muscle, improve muscle tone, increase metabolism, and recover range of motion with safe, effective exercises while accommodating any medical concerns or directives. Receive the benefits of renewed strength and balance, and book a session with Tom today!


Remote Fitness Sessions

Work with Tom remotely on Skype! Remote Fitness Sessions are a great way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine.  Each session is tailored to your individual goals, and can include guided full body warm-up, cardiovascular training, strength training, cool-down, balance work, and regular check-ins. Tom recommends distance fitness sessions to the frequent traveler to help achieve your fitness goals while on the go, as well as to the local resident interested in targeted conditioning and further general fitness assistance.


Supplement Consultation

Feeling sluggish?  Have you reached a weight loss plateau?  Speak with Tom and learn how supplements can re-energize your mind and body with great results. Tom Willa is an independent associate for Univera supplements. Contact him for a free consultation, and learn how Univera's products can assist you on your journey to optimal health and fitness at any age. Whether you're trying to kick-start your metabolism, repair joints, or just improve your mood, Tom knows how to get you started with these unique, all-natural products.


Fitness Classes


Balance Class 50 minutes

Balance is a reactive reflex and it will respond to real-life situations with muscle memory as we strengthen our body. Tom’s Balance Class explores the physical factors that affect our balance as we age. Class begins with a gentle warm-up focused on physical grounding and awareness, followed by a progression of exercises to challenge balance and engage the core, hips, and legs. Classes are limited to 4 individuals, and are held at Tom’s home studio in Renton, WA.


Strength Training for Living - 50 minutes

Tom’s Strength training for Living class consists of 50 minutes of safe, effective exercises focused on maintaining muscle mass, improving range of motion, and increasing your confidence in every-day activities. Tom guides participants through a progression of creative, chair-assisted exercises to gently challenge arms, legs, abdomen, and hips. Classes are limited to 4 individuals, and are held at Tom’s home studio in Renton, WA.

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