2017 home design trends: What's hot and what's not in Southeast Michigan

The latest in home remodeling design trends in 2017.

With 2016 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to let go of the old and ring in the new. Wondering what’s in vogue for 2017? Christine Ramaekers CKD, VP of Birmingham’s MainStreet Design Build offers some expert insight into the latest home remodel design trends in Southeast, MI, so you can plan ahead with confidence.


What’s Out

There are definitely some popular trends that died this year. “For one,” Christine says, “all the heavy mouldings of the early noughties are finally over.” For finishes, bright brass is still out too. “We’re not bringing formal dining rooms back just yet, either. People still love big, versatile spaces with room to seat a crowd.” Lastly, Christine points out that the black stainless appliance trend never really caught on in Michigan, so best let sleeping dogs lie on that one – for now.


What’s Still In

Clean designs, urban lofty looks, contemporary elements in classic settings – they’re all here to stay. “Everyone loves the urban loft look – especially in main living areas,” says Christine, “most clients lean toward modern pieces in traditional settings. Think metals, stone, raw, reclaimed wood, and white doors with wide, clean styling - that kind of thing”


As for color palettes, shades of gray or colors with gray undertones, such as mauve, taupe, plum, and blue-gray continue to be popular for interiors. “Silver tones are very trendy too, and have a ton of options available, whether you’re going for a patina, laminae, or antique look.” For kitchen cabinets, Christine confirms that light and bright colors are still on point, as are very dark stains.“ But the blue-gray painted cabinet still seems to have a special place in people’s hearts.”


When it comes to appliances and tech, Christine notes that multi-use ovens are in extremely high demand in the kitchen “as they combine speed, convection, and microwave technology for increased functionality.” Unsurprisingly, USB outlets and built-in charging stations are so universal these days that Christine recommends incorporating them into every home update.


In the dining area, versatility is paramount. “Most people prefer large, informal dining spaces with an oversized table for everyday use. It fits the trend: In general, people continue to prioritize large living spaces for eating, entertaining, and gathering.”


In the bathroom, however, clients still crave luxury. “Recently, clients have been abandoning the whirlpool bathtub in favor of free-standing soaking tubs in the master bath. That said, there will always be a strong need for opulent shower-only master bathroom designs as well.”


“Not much has changed in exterior trends either,” Christine muses. “We’re still loving outdoor living spaces – like porches and patios – that match the look and feel of the home’s interior living spaces.”


What’s Coming Up Next

In 2017, gray is the new white, and gold is making a comeback. Stronger blues, blacks, and color combinations like blue-gray with versions of white are also on the rise. For finishes, glass is officially back, especially for lighting. Christine also finds her clients leaning increasingly towards more open, less bulky light fixtures. She recommends incorporating more glass globes, lanterns, and cylinders to achieve the effect.


More designs are going high-tech, too, and it’s a hit with younger generations. Advanced refrigerators, for example, now have built-in tablets and video feed, making it easy to check in remotely and see what ingredients you have available. Christine is also seeing huge increase in requests for designs that include smart wine and bar refrigeration. “Manufacturers are still perfecting these products,” she says, “but sleek integration of refrigerators with French doors and multi access surging is in the very near future.”


On the other hand, people want to keep warm. More and more of Christine’s clients are keen on steam in master bathroom showers and show great interest in deluxe heated floors. “Unfortunately, the price point for these amenities can be prohibitive, though enthusiasm for them is definitely on the rise.”


Ready to grab the latest trends for your next home remodeling project? Contact MainStreet Design Build to request a consultation. We can’t wait to explore your ideas!


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