Corona's Jon Gruden retail display [case study]

Disruptive Retail Displays Increase Beer Sales & Generate Social Buzz - CASE STUDY


CHALLENGE - International producer of wine, beer, and spirits, Constellation Brands, enlisted BDA to help Corona target a new demographic - football fans – with a storefront-worthy display for football season. Deliverables requested:

  • Design a display enhancer to promote Corona during one of the top beer selling periods of the year

  • Incite social media to promote brand awareness with an unexpected retail display

  • Create and distribute merchandise efficiently, in time to secure promotional floor space at beer distributors across the country


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ACTION - BDA leveraged its in-house design and supply chain management expertise to execute a disruptive display enhancer featuring Corona’s spokesperson and respected NFL representative, Coach Jon Gruden.

  • Secured approval to use the likeness of Coach Jon Gruden

  • Designed and developed a picture- worthy 4-foot Gruden bobblehead and 7” minis for prizes and giveaways

  • Distributed more than 4,420 4-foot and 15,000 7-inch bobbleheads utilizing a vast national infrastructure


RESULT - The army of 4-foot Jon Gruden bobbleheads across the nation helped increase beer sales and market share for Constellation Brands.

  • Gruden bobbleheads were distributed to more than 4,000 retail stores one month prior to fall football promotions

  • Social media erupted with images of the bobblehead displays, promoting Corona brand awareness

  • BDA saved Constellation Brands more than 50% in shipping costs by distributing from eight different ports


SERVICES UTILIZED: In-Store / POS POP, In-House Design, Custom Product Development, Supply Chain Management, eCommerce Solutions


TESTIMONIAL/VOC: "We've gained share throughout the year, even during football season, which is a very competitive space and time period." - John Alvarado, VP of Marketing, Corona Extra


*All content and photos used with express permission from the BDA marketing department.

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