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Live American Lobster

American Lobster, also known as Canadian North Atlantic Lobster, Atlantic Lobster, Canadian Red, Northern Lobster or Maine Lobster, is wild-caught in the clear open waters off the Northern coasts of North America. Known for their high meat content, American lobsters are prized for their sweet, mild flavor and firm texture, making them ideal for steaming, boiling, or baking. Directly after harvesting, live lobster is immediately refrigerated, packed, and air-freighted to locations across the world. Fishing seasons vary by location, guaranteeing that American lobster is available year round.


Lobster Meat

If you’re not a fan of cracking lobster shells, or just need the added convenience, let us do the work for you. Our premium American lobster meat has all the flavor without the fuss. Shipped directly after harvesting, cooked claw, knuckle, and tail meat is so fresh it’s perfect for your main event. Whether simply served with melted butter or featured in a special recipe, our American lobster meat pulls out all the stops. And if you need lobster meat all year round, you’re in luck! Fishing seasons vary by location, ensuring American lobster is available throughout the year.



Brown, white, pink, and rock shrimp are found in waters up and down the eastern coast of North America. Wild caught shrimp have a firm, moist texture and a sweet flavor. Shrimp are a delicious addition to any menu, and provide a nutrient-rich, low-calorie alternative to beef, chicken, or turkey. They are also notably simple to cook, and can be grilled, broiled, sautéed, or steamed in just minutes. After harvesting, our shrimp are cleaned and quickly fresh-frozen for transportation.



Wild & Farm Raised Salmon

Salmon can weigh between 2 and 18 pounds and are fished along both coasts of North America. Farmed salmon are raised in open bays and have a slightly milder taste than wild salmon. Salmon meat is oily, firm, and moist, with a rich orange color. Both farm raised and wild salmon are delicious cooked or raw.



Tuna is a deep saltwater finfish found in warm waters. It has a meaty, mild flavor that is delicious cooked or raw. A staple in sushi and sashimi, several species of tuna are fished year-round to satisfy high demand across the globe. Tuna is best harvested in the summer feeding season when the oil content is highest, so we source regularly from trusted providers throughout the year to ensure you get the freshest ocean-to-table experience.



The xiphias gladius, or swordfish, is a non-schooling, migratory fish that prefers warm waters. A popular delicacy served all over the world, swordfish are known for their sweet, flavorful taste and meaty texture, making it an ideal substitute for tuna. Swordfish can grow up to 1,000lbs and the raw flesh can vary in color from white to pink-orange (though all turn beige during cooking). For the freshest swordfish, proper handling is paramount, so swordfish are quickly iced after harvesting.


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