In-home personal training is better than the gym. Here's why.

Working with a professional fitness trainer can inject new life into a tired routine, help you set goals, and teach you to track your progress. But don’t get suckered into sessions by the gym sales guy just yet. Depending on your lifestyle, in-home private fitness training might be a better answer to keeping fit.

In-home personal training is designed to help you find your way to fitness without the noise. In the privacy of your own home, it can be easier to concentrate. Without the swarms of heavy-breathers, there’s no waiting for machines,
putting up with show-offs, worrying with competition, body shaming, or the onslaught of germs (hello Flu season!). Without the distractions, you can return to center and focus on your body.

Don’t let the purchase of equipment put you off, either. It doesn’t take a lot to get your workout on at home. In fact, there’s not much you can’t do with a couple of resistance bands and some floor space. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can go in for the free weights and machines, but it's not required. If you need additional equipment, your personal fitness trainer will bring it to a session and show you how to use it. “Try before you buy” doesn’t get much better than that.

You can consider whatever equipment you do purchase as an investment, too - an investment in yourself and your commitment to getting where you want to go in fitness and in life, quite literally. You can’t pack up that Precor and backpack around the world, now can you? But a couple resistance bands? No problem.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget the value of convenience. Even a 10-minute commute to the gym can be the excuse you need to skip out on a personal training appointment. Instead, let an in-home fitness trainer come to you. Just think - after your workout, you can hop in your own shower, grab clothes from your own closet, and fix a snack in your own kitchen - no stinky “gym bag” necessary.

"Ultimately, consistency is key,” says Tom Willa, in-home personal trainer and founder of AgingStrong Fitness, “and more often than not, the making or breaking of a routine can boil down to location, location, location.”

“In-home fitness trainers specialize in highly personalized routines to fit your lifestyle, but more importantly, they can help remove the obstacles between you and your goals, whether you’re exceptionally busy, recovering from an injury, don’t have access to a gym, or simply dislike the gym environment.”

Tom’s goal is to set you up for success, and and if personal training at the gym isn’t your cup of tea, he’s made it his business to help you create the routine that is.

“I've seen in-home training change lives, giving people the comfort, confidence, and motivation they need to start and maintain a fitness journey they might have otherwise forgone altogether.”

What's not to like?


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