Ask yourself these 3 questions before putting a telemarketer on your payroll

You’re ready to clean up that new list, set some appointments, and flood your sales team with leads, so it’s time to get someone on staff to make calls, right? Not necessarily.


While it might seem logical to handle lead generation in-house at $15/hr, the hidden costs can set you back more than you might think. Rick Blythe, Seattle based Marketer and founder of Blythe Associates LLC recommends taking a moment and ask yourself these three critical questions before you post that job listing.


1. Do you really want to manage another person?

Time is money, and managing another team member can take a lot of time. It isn’t just the cost of the percentage of time it takes you to oversee your new hire, either. Recruiting, screening, training, coaching, monitoring, and compensating them all takes up valuable time, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, and it can add up fast..



2. Do you have the infrastructure to handle a new hire?

Let’s talk tangibles. Any new hire is going to need a desk, a chair, a phone, headset, computer, and anything else necessary to do the job. If you’ve got room for them already, fantastic. If not, be prepared to shell out for the cost of a new workspace.


Now let’s talk software. How’s your CRM doing these days? If you don’t have one yet, you’ll need one, and a CRM can set you back a pretty penny.


3. What are you willing to do if your new employee doesn’t perform?

Think about it. You’re three months in and your new hire isn’t the right fit, they’re too slow, you’re not getting the responses you hoped for, it’s just not working out. Beyond dealing with the emotional awkwardness, are you willing to fire them and risk an unemployment claim?


So whether it’s your time, a manager’s time, or actual cash out the door, in-house lead generation can end up being more hassle than it’s worth, and imply some hefty costs.


If you don’t think you’re prepared for any of the above, Rick recommends seriously considering outsourcing your list cleanup, appointment setting, and lead generation to a telemarketing provider.

“In the end, it can save you a real headache,” Rick says. “Pro Tip? If you’re not ready to shop around for a telemarketing company, give an independent contractor a try through a site like Guru or UpWork. You’ll be surprised how much freelance talent is out there.”


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