Three ways to make a restaurant-quality steak at home

What’s better than a tender, juicy steak at a fancy restaurant? You guessed it: making it at home for half the price. Here are three easy ways to getting that mouth-watering, beefy goodness right from your own kitchen.


1. On the grill

The classic grilled steak is hard to mess up, especially with pointers from the Early Show’s resident chef, Bobby Flay.


Besides “knowing your cuts” and adding proper seasoning, one of the most important tips for grilling the perfect steak is understanding how to manage your hot spots. Whether you’re working with gas or charcoal, it’s important to create two distinct grilling zones: a hotter area for direct heat and a cooler zone for indirect cooking.


Flay recommends searing your steak over the direct heat before transferring to indirect heat cooking until they’ve reached the desired doneness. Once the steaks are placed on the grate, “let the grill do its work” and don’t move them until it’s time to flip!

2. In the pan
No grill? No problem. Get out your trusty cast-iron skillet! If you’ve never cooked with cast iron before, it comes with some attractive benefits, including better heat distribution than other cookware and a natural boost in dietary iron with regular use.


Cast iron is long-lasting, naturally non-stick, and it's completely oven-safe, making it ideal for this stove top-to-oven steak method.


But let’s face it, all benefits aside, if Gordon Ramsay is making steak with it, it’s gotta be good.

3. Sous-vide
Sous-vide is the steakhouse’s best-kept secret and the reason you get a mouth-watering steak on your plate every time. Chef Heston Blumenthal, owner of London’s 3-star restaurant, The Fat Duck, is a true believer in the method, calling it one of the biggest cooking advancements in decades.


French for “under vacuum,” sous-vide steak is vacuum-sealed and cooked in a low-temperature water bath for up to several hours before it’s seared and served. This slow cooking method ensures that your steak remains perfectly tender and never overcooked.


While it sounds super fancy, you don’t have to be a renowned chef to make sous-vide steak at home. You can shell out for a sous-vide machine, or, give one of these genius hacks a try, like this one using a large pot or a drinks cooler.


Any way you cut it, it’s hard to imagine a better way to impress your guests than with a restaurant-quality, sous-vide steak.


Let's get cooking!

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