Tom Willa, Owner & Founder


Tom Willa is an AFFA certified personal trainer specializing in fitness for individuals over 40, developing gentle, pinpointed physical fitness programs to help counter the many effects of aging.  


At 62, Tom has a keen awareness of the side-effects of day-to-day demands on the body’s systems, as well as a deep knowledge of fitness training drawn from over 20 years of experience as a fitness instructor - most notably during active service as Command Fitness Leader and Limited Duty Coordinator in the US Navy for commands of over 225 individuals.  


In the last five years, Tom has found his calling as an in-home personal trainer, assisting clients of all ages with a variety of fitness concerns, with particular focus on those issues related to getting older.  Tom’s fitness philosophies are timeless, and his programs are individually tailored to provide safe, unique, and proactive fitness programs for anyone aspiring to begin “aging strong.”


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